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As a Product Manager on the T-Mobile Channels Product & Technology team, I lead the development effort of deploying customer facing features in the mobile application across ios, android and web platforms. My primary responsibilities included interfacing with business, marketing, strategy, and engineering stakeholders, prioritizing and developing feature roadmap, delivering user stories, acceptance criteria, functional and technical specifications. I also interfaced directly with engineering and QAs to ensure their tasks were unblocked in the development cycles.

One of the major issues the Product team is facing is the lack of prioritization framework on project initiatives. In light of the upcoming launch of a new rewards program, the team got hit by various stakeholders with a long list of items to be added to the backlog, often without a way to prioritize.

I developed a prioritization framework based on clear KPIs and customer/business impact to help land the roadmap by working with stakeholders to build the roadmap, focusing on high-priority work that delivers immediate business value(Strategic Initiatives), then followed by other buckets including API/3rd party SDK integrations, bug fixes and enhancements, tech debt/refactoring work and sustaining development work etc. I have also worked with the Analytics team to identify a list of features for a/b testing to increase downloads and increase stickiness of their loyalty application.

About a month into this role, the team had developed a clear, concise and prioritized roadmap for the launch of this major Tuesdays rewards program and fully developed north start metrics that I created to keep us aligned on the goal. I then interfaced with the engineering, QA and business stakeholders to develop clear user stories, acceptance criteria, UX/UI design to deliver the features for launch.


  • A clearly actionable, prioritized roadmap developed for the engineering team
  • All user stories, acceptance criteria and technical specifications all clearly documented and communicated
  • Put in place several test and learn A/B experiments for the features so we know which feature to launch with the greatest customer satisfaction impact
  • Clear KPIs and measurement plans developed
  • Contributed to acquisition by 23% from ~3.5m to ~4.3m users